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Book my right is a very young new, but growing service providing company that offers a list of best and verified packers movers near your location. Where is small start having a bunch of enthusiastic people working hard and finding the best packers movers for you in your area. Our verified and reliable packers for a list is a trust of symbol.

Taking service through bookmyright can give you unlimited benefits such as zero cancellation policy, a dedicated manager, and all in one service solutions such as packing, moving transportation, warehouse etc. Service to fulfill all your shipping needs.


Pricing Table

Goods Size Packing Charges Transportation Cost Total Cost (Approx)
Small Goods 300 – 1000 550 - 1000 850 - 2000
1 BHK 4,500 – 6,000 7,500 - 14,500 12,000 - 20,000
2 BHK 3,500 – 9,500 10,500 - 20,500 14,000 - 30,000
Bike 1,200 – 1,700 2,300 - 2,200 3,500 - 3,900

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It was a very good experience with the team as they coperated at every step.. also the luggage reached safely without any harm or loss. Thank you Packers and Movers.

Rahul Datta


really this packers and movers are so good they all staff members are decent pack and move my furniture in very good way.

Dipanjan Das


Very good service. Have used their services a couple of times and have refered friends for the same. On time and before time delivery, professional services and very cooperative. Very reasonable price too. Satisfied with their services.

Amrina Roy


It was a very good experience with the team as they coperated at every step.. also the luggage reached safely without any harm or loss. Thank you Packers and Movers.

Rahul Datta


Packers and Movers

A Glance of Packers and Movers

Packers and Movers is a professional service provider providing various services such as packing, loading, transportation, unloading, and unpacking. They are specialists and experts in efficiently shifting goods such as house, office and industrial goods from one place to another. The moving process involves multiple other factors, such as acquiring suitable packing material, a proper size truck, and a skilled workforce.

If you have any requirements such as domestic movement, intercity relocation or International Shipping, professional packers and movers can help you in all possible ways. They have special transport vehicles equipped to transport your goods safely.

Apart from this, during office or house shifting, we may need additional services such as dismantling, assembling furniture, and installing and uninstalling Electronics goods. And good packers movers can give you these additional value-added services on their service package.

Hiring professional Packers and Movers saves your time and effort and safely delivers your goods to your destination, giving you peace of mind.

Importance of packers and movers

Moving from one place to another is a very haptic and time-consuming process, whether it's a local movement or a long-distance move such ad from one state to another state moves. It involves many responsibilities to be full fill properly, such as acquiring good logistics service, finding the suitable packing material, intact taking for the safety of your goods, etc. In this situation, hiring professional Packers movers always be an intelligent decision. The skilled packing professional makes your moving process easy and smooth, assuring the best safety of goods. Always remember a successful shift needs proper skill and hands-on experience, which packers and movers have. Here are some other fundamental reasons and importance of packers movers.

1. Expertise and Experience:

Packers and movers are trained professionals with expertise in handling all types of moving processes proficiently. They have extensive experience in correct packing methods for different items, from fragile and crookery to bulky furniture, ensuring everything is adequately protected during transportation. Years of knowledge and expertise can lower the risk of damage in breakage during movement.

2. Proper Packing and Organization:

Proper packing of goods can reduce 45% of breakage and damage chances during any movement. Professional packers and movers know it better than not only packing the goods using proper making material but also organizing it by labeling and boxing. Their systematic approach and proper work style ensure nothing gets misplaced during packing and transporting. Streamlining the entire process can save valuable time and effort during unpacking at your destination.

3. Safe Loading and Unloading:

Proper loading of goods into the truck can reduce 30% of breakage and damage chances during any movement. During any house movement, you may find different shapes of goods small items to bulky items, which may lead to more damage during transit. The proper equipment and a skilled workforce in a packers and movers company can easily tackle this. They know the right way to handle items of various shapes and sizes.

4. Efficient Transportation:

Packers movers use their own transport vehicle that is a unique design to move old and used household goods. Proper driving and choosing the right way can reduce 30% of breakage and damage chances during any movement. Packers and movers vehicle move slowly compared to other vehicles to protect from damage. Packers movers have well-maintained vehicles suitable for transporting belongings over short or long distances. A professional packers and movers efficiency level can save clients time, money, and effort in transportation.

5. Customized Services:

During any household shipment, you may come across different shapes of goods that need different packing techniques. Sometimes you may need to store your goods for a few days and sometimes want to shift your item to other places. In any scenario, packers and movers offer customized moving solutions to tackle any requirements. Keeping your moving budget under control by giving suitable suggestions is also a part of packers movers providers.

6. Insurance Coverage:

As we discussed earlier, household goods commit different shapes, which may lead to more damage to goods during transit. Professional packers and movers can reduce the risk of damage, but still, it can be zero. To cover this risk, packers movers have insurance services. Reputable packers and movers provide insurance coverage for the belongings being shifted. In case of any unfortunate happen, such as accidents or damages, the insurance coverage will refund up to 95% of your declared value. The insurance coverage from the package movers will give assurance and peace of mind during the location.

7. Time and Cost Efficiency:

The shifting process is rare. It is rare, so shifting on your own may take a lot of time, effort, and coordination, but it is cost-effective. Hiring the right Packers and Movers near you can also do the same task cost-effectively, saving you time and effort. Having a proper set of skilled workforce in a packers and movers organization optimizes time and resources, resulting in overall cost efficiency.

8. Handling of Special Items:

Specific items during movement need special care, such as delicate antiques, valuable artwork, and sensitive electronics. Professional packers and movers have the right equipment to handle such fragile items. These items need customized packing material, advanced equipment, perfect loading and unloading skills, safe transplantation, etc.

9. Pre and Post Move Support:

Apart from core packing moving services, professional packers can also help you in many ways before and after packing. Before packing, packers can help you to manage your moving budget, the right consultant to declutter goods, etc. In the same way, after moving, they can help you organize your belongings, install electronics if needed, store your goods for more days, etc. Overall the dedication of packers and movers to customer satisfaction extends beyond the transportation process, enhancing the overall moving experience.

10. Stress Reduction:

Moving can be a stressful experience, filled with uncertainties and time constraints. Hiring packers and movers allows individuals to delegate the daunting tasks of packing, loading, and transporting to professionals, reducing the stress associated with moving. This enables clients to focus on other essential aspects of the relocation process and quickly adapt to their new environment.

The importance of packers movers can be changed depending on your requirement. However, expertise, efficiency, and support can make your shifting process seamless and stress-free.

History of packers and movers Industry

The concept of Packers and Movers started in ancient times of the Sumerian civilization, which emerged around 4500 BCE. Indus Valley Civilization is India's first civilization and in this civilization also, we can trace Packers and Movers concept. People used to transport their goods from one place to another using animals such as horses, donkeys and camels.

This Packers movers process got evolved under different time ages. During the Middle period, businesses and transportation placed significant rules in modernization, creating the need for a better packing and transport system. In the late 18th and the beginning of the 19th century, this simple transport system gives birth to the modern Logistics system. Apart from water transport, railway tracks and Air transport fuel up this whole transport and logistic ecosystem. And during this time, packers and movers had started evolving correctly.

This 20th century has witnessed significant growth in the packers and movers Industry. With the advent of automobiles and trucks, moving goods and belongings became even more accessible. The revolution and high demand of the IT industry in India will make this back of some movies industry 1.2 billion dollars by the end of 2022.

In the modern era, the packers and movers industry has experienced significant advancements in technology, logistics, and customer service. Now the rise of AI technology is also helping this packers and movers business to flourish. Professional moving companies now use modern equipment, customized packing materials, and tracking systems to enhance efficiency and ensure the safety of goods during relocation.

Prime Services Offered by Packers and Movers

Professional packers movers can offer a comprehensive range of services to help individuals, families, offices and businesses move almost all kinds of goods from one place to another. Different shifting suggests domestic relocation, long distance movement, intentional movement etc. needs different services and supply chain coordination to make it successful and effective. A complete relocation process includes a wide range of services, such as

Packing & Unpacking

• Loading and Unloading

• Transportation

• Warehousing

• Insurance Service

Packing & Unpacking

Packing is one of the primary but most crucial services provided by professional Packers and movers companies. Again, a packing service involves multiple processes, such as procuring suitable packing materials, skilled Exports, proper labeling of goods, etc. Different packing methods, such as wooden frame packing and delicate items packing, need other type of packing materials and skills to be procured. Proper packing of goods can reduce 45% of breakage and damage chances during the movement. Similarly, unpacking is an additional service almost all of the Packers and Movers companies provide.

Loading and Unloading

Loading and unloading are critical phases of the relocation process handled by packers and movers. Proper loading of goods can reduce 30% of breakage and damage chances during any movement. These tasks involve carefully handling and properly setting in the moving truck as the goods sizes differ from each other. To minimize the damage risk during transit, Packers movers use appropriate lipstick techniques and intact sorting processes to handle heavy and light items. Similarly, unloading is also needs proper skill setup Or else it will lead to damage of goods due to miss unloading. After reaching the destination, the Packers movers carefully removed the goods from the truck. During loading and loading, packers professionals also Tally the item list to ensure all items are present during transit.


Transportation service is a significant part of packing and moving services. The Packers movers service provider uses their own vehicles to transport packed goods from one place to another. They have a custom design of trucks, especially moving household goods. Nowadays, transport vehicles come with a GPS tracking facility that allows tracking your good movement during transit. By relying on professional transportation services, individuals and businesses can experience a smooth and stress-free relocation, knowing their belongings are in capable hands.


Where housing service is an additional service provided by Packers and Movers, which is also very essential in every sitting process, sometimes while you are moving from one City to another City, you may come across some issues where you have to store here goods for a couple of dates, that time having a virus in packers movers will give you an advantage. In other cases, if you want to move abroad for a couple of weeks or months, you can use a service from a packers movers to store your goods to avoid large amounts of flat rent. Packers and movers warehouse is the best option for storing your old and used household goods for short-term and long-term storage. Packers movers warehouses are Small compared to Commercial warehouses.

Insurance Service

Typically packers and movers carefully shift household goods to avoid damage and scratches. But still, there is a minor probability that you are goods may face an accident missing or fire issue. If any of these Miss Fortune happens, then financial coverage will be provided by packers movers company by insurance. Usually, packers movers provide third-party incident service from companies like ICICI Lombard and star insurance.

Types of Service offered by packers and movers

Packers and Movers is a combination of multiple services that can help individual families, businesses and industries move goods from one place to another. Apart from packing, moving, loading, unloading, transportation, and warehouse services, the below services are also provided by a professional packers movers service provider:

• Residential Relocation Services

• Office Shifting

• Vehicle Shifting Shifting

Residential Relocation Services

Residential relocation services offered by packers and movers encompass all aspects of moving households to a new location. These services include expert packing of belongings, loading them onto the moving vehicle, safe and efficient transportation to the new destination, unloading, and unpacking. Packers and movers ensure the protection and care of items during the entire process, making the relocation smooth and stress-free for individuals and families. With their expertise and experience, they efficiently handle each step of the residential move, providing peace of mind and allowing clients to settle into their new homes comfortably.

Office Shifting

Packers and movers give great emphasis on the importance of time, especially when it comes to relocating official assets to new locations. Office shift needs proper planning and fast shifting. When a packers and movers company assign to an office setting, it involves transporting a Huge number of goods such as computers, computer tables, office chairs, big size glasses and so on. Office shifting needs highly skilled packing professional world equipment and advanced packing method to change an office.

Vehicle Shifting Shifting

It is a specialized service offered by professional packers and movers to ensure the safe and efficient transportation of vehicles. Packers and movers companies can shift vehicles such as bikes, scooters (scooty) and cars. A closed container or carrier truck vehicle can be moved from one place to another. While shifting the vehicle from one state to another states in India, packers and movers must understand both states' motor act and follow their guidelines before shifting any vehicle from another state. A professional Packers and Movers company know what is better and help the customer to complete all kind of documentation for this vehicle movement.

Packers and movers can also shift pets, plants and industrial goods.

A single window for all your relocation needs.

The booming economy in India is coming into the limelight resulting in mass opportunities for carrier shaping. Many professionals in India and outside India are changing their destination, insisting on decisive packers and movers in India.

Bookmyright.com started with a mission to find, verify, filter, and produce the top list of reliable packers list around you. A bunch of young and dynamic transport enthusiasts started this company to fulfil all your relocation services at a single window.

Why should you hire us?

Is the best packers for service provider BookMyRight always gives you a wide range of packers movers company collections which are best in your area. Our primary focus is to get your shifting done professionally at a very low price. People are looking for the best packers and movers nearby and we can help them find the right packers and movers within a short time. If you plan to move after a few months or instantly, we understand all your requirements and can arrange your move accordingly. If you want to send any goods from India or any part of the world, BookMyRight has the service setup. As the best Packers and Movers, we have a skilled workforce, suitable packing material and the appropriate equipment to handle any shifting. The best part about our services is our fastest delivery system. If you want to move your house or office to a new city, you want your office, or your home should be delivered as early as possible. Our reliable logistics and supply chain management, along with professional skills, help you to deliver your Gold quickly and safely. We also assign a dedicated manager to track your moving process, from scratch to delivery to a destination. Insurance is compulsory, which assures you of zero damages. BookMyRight offers many other advantages while looking for the best Packers and Movers near you. Here are a few advantage you can get if your book a packers for service through BookMyRight

• BookMyRight is wholly license a Government approved organization

• it has an India network, capable of sending your goods worldwide

• Three instant online quotations within a short time

• free quotation and consultancy from our assigned manager

• pre doorstep visit buyer represented to inspective good

• guaranteed low price with safe shifting

• value-added service for assemble and disassemble of your furniture

• free moving assistance for uninstalling an install of Electronics goods

• Assurance of premium packing material

• three layers to 5 layer packing of each item

• closed container vehicle or Truck

• live tracking facility with 24X7 assistance

• Assurance of on-time delivery

• dedicated manager to resolve your query

• pre and post-shifting assistance

• fully Assurance of your goods during transit

• 100% Assurance and peace of mind

Starting in 2020, Bookmyright is building its packers and movers network nationally with multi-step filtration, which results in us being the most trusted and honest packers and movers web directory. Our main goal is the create customized services for each customer to understand their needs and enhance their relocation experience.


Finding good packet Movers is significant for any relocation process. Honest and reliable packers movers can save money and protect your goods from external damage during transportation. Here are a few tips which can help you to find a good packers movers

  • Company age(you should consider a minimum five years old company)
  • Company physical office presence(if possible, do visit their office)
  • Cross-check with documentation such as GST in documents, CIN, company PAN card, etc
  • Company reputation(find companies reviews on Google, Justdial, Facebook, Trustpilot and Bookmyright)